Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Have you ever been so excited about an idea, a project, or an accomplishment? In your excitement you have run home to share the news with a friend, family member or spouse. Unfortunately your excitement has been met with an uninterested information recipient. The "look" told it all... like: "Why are you so excited about that." In turn you feel disappointed, rejected... deflated!

While swimming in our pool the kids accidently knocked a beach ball over the edge. In Lily's excitement she ran to retrieve the ball. She pounced on it with all four paws. She looked up at the kids with a look of total satisfaction as the ball lost all its air and collapsed into a heap of plastic on the ground. The kids screamed in frustration and Lily sat up confused! How could her accomplished retrieval be met with such dissatisfaction?

Somehow this experience seems to mirror so much of life!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lily Bear

Since Lily joined our home she has had many names. Lily Baby, Lily Bug and most recently Lily Bear. As I had shared in my last post, Lily has had her ears perked on our daily walks. Perry and I have noticed that in addition to her perked ears, her hair was standing up. She was intensely aware of something. But besides the chipmunks nothing has shown up.
When I my son was in preschool his favorite book was Eric Carl's picture book: Brown Bear, Brown Bear. I have changed the rhyme a bit to include a new character, Lily Bear.
"Lily Bear, Lily Bear what do you see... I see a brown bear looking at me."
Sure enough, our neighbor reported a brown bear siting in our front yard on Sunday morning. Our little Lily Bear sensed something a little more threatening than a chipmunk.

Good Dog, Lily!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Puppy Sense

This morning we had a most unusual experience. After walking one mile, running one mile, we cooled back down to a walking pace and noticed a chipmunk on the path. Lily was acting very out of sync. Dodging to the right and then the left. I could see one chipmunk about 12 feet in front of us on the path. Then another chipmunk emerged from the hedges. As we approached the chipmunks didn’t move and instead were joined by 2 more friends. Lily and I approached both of us staring the chipmunks in the eyes. I got to within 3 feet of the chipmunks, expecting them to scamper off. They didn’t. Lily assumed her boxing pose, lunging back and forth feigning an attack. Lily was ready to take them on. I was not! Instead. Rather than experience 4 rabid chipmunks with furry vengeance, I turned us around and headed home. All four chipmunks sat on the path ruling the roost for the moment.... until a more brave walker came along. Strange!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Puppy Love and Baby Fever!

Lily met her cousin Jacob today. During a skype visit to New Mexico, Lily became very interested in my computer. The kids gathered around the small laptop screen to peer at their 13 month old cousin Jacob. In and amongst the jabbering, Lily grew closer and closer to me. She began by laying on my fee and ended up standing on my feet with her tail wagging intently. I picked Lily up to look at the computer. It was like love at first site. Jacob nearly leapt onto his computer and Lily nearly lapped our computer screen... trying to reach the baby. There is something so pure about puppy love and baby fever!